Monday, October 19, 2009


I have been at work for some time trying to put a design consultancy together. But as I am realizing lately, it is something that is putting itself together instead of the other way around. As time goes by it's becoming clear that all the things I am doing, from my ideas and actions to the things happening around me in me personally and professionally, have been leading me (in however chaotic a manner it might appear in the moment) to the realization of my own deep seeded aspirations.

One example of that is what just dawned on me this morning. Allow me to elaborate.

As I was working on the design consultancy's web site. The big idea of the website is to define service design and its benefits, and hopefully in the process attract patrons. The main purpose of service design is to take a deep look at business service offerings, end-users, and business models then improve the entire process through asking the hard honest questions, and devising truer user experiences to fit the offerings into. So this is about TRUTH, once we strip away all the complexity. Truth in people's interactions with products and services, thus with the organizations (business or otherwise) that offer those products and services.

My entire life I have been the kind that has always needed to get to the bottom of things, cut through the fluff, and strip things down to their essence. I have always been on the quest for "truth", and this quest have obviously led me to service design or more specifically design thinking—the framework within which service design functions.

The point is, my journey up to now has been tailor-made to what my true aspiration of finding truth in everything has been all along. And the world is now inevitably moving in that direction, which couldn't be a better timing. Service design is gaining tremendous popularity because the world is moving into an era of truth. This is shown in everything that is gaining in popularity these days. Social networking is about direct interaction (even if it is in reality an illusion of direct interaction), ad agencies are increasingly embracing the use of "real" faces, instead of perfect looking models, consumers are demanding more transparency in everything, a reality that Obama has responded to with the transparent government initiative, and many other examples I don't have enough room on this blog to site.


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